Dear Friend,

In 2018, I started writing (news)letters to a small group of family and friends. The intention was to find what I referred to at the time as “more honesty, closeness and joy” in a season when I felt extremely disconnected and in need of a spiritual, creative practice. This writing ritual has taken many interesting shapes over the years including an instagram account devoted to intuitive poems.

In the Spring of 2021, I wrote what would end up being the last letter I shared before an almost two year hiatus. Looking back, that last essay proved to be prophetic, ending with the sentence: For now, I grieve.

This time in human history feels particularly fraught as we continue to navigate overlapping pandemics and disasters. Grief is a mystical place I’ve found myself wandering through for years and continue to navigate. I’ve instinctually and intentionally spent the last few months exploring what privacy, intimacy and joy look like in my life, outside of public spaces. As my life continues metamorphosing into newer truer shape, I feel ready to try sustaining a public writing practice, again.

I hope to write semi-regularly letters (from me to you) that will remain free to anyone who wants to read them. I’ll also send a monthly email to paid subscribers that includes a curated list of what I’ve been reading, listening to or watching.

My eternal gratitude to every person in my life whose continued to ask about, encourage and honor my writing in every form, even when the only writing I did was in the solitude of my journal. For those of you just finding this space, I’m not sure what’s brought you here but I’m so glad it did. The name of this (news)letter - Sugar From Sun - pays homage to photosynthesis. I hope these words are a light that transforms something within you just as the process of writing these words transforms me.

Love, Jas


Jasmine Barnes
a "disciple of joy" exploring the thin places between our spiritual and physical experiences